The Fall of an Empire

Session 3: In Whence the Mother's Care is condemned

Demons and Zombies and old age, oh my

As we return to our intrepid adventurers, they have located Dern Fosimuth and are attempting to leave Mother’s Care Home for Invalids with him. As they leave Dern’s room, however, they are accosted by a pair of horrid demon children. After defeating them, investigation in to the rest of the home commences. The party manages to rescue the remaining 5 patients of the home without incident, though hard evidence of who is behind all of this is hard to find. The remaining patients are returned to their families, and the party takes Dern back to Branda and Igneous for care.
Before leaving, Dern was able to point out a small shack nearby which held his secret stash of gear, including his Scimitar, Clarity, and his piece of their party’s Weirding Watch.
From here the investigation turned to looking in on Taergan Flinn. Finding his posh home still intact, but no one answering the door, the sleuthing commenced. Most of the home appeared undisturbed, but once in to Flinn’s bedroom and the adjacent office, they found the rooms ransacked and a window smashed in and blood puddled on the floor. The only other evidence was that of a daemon trapped in a wardrobe and his servants turned to juju zombies in their quarters.
Returning once more to report their findings to the remaining members of the Golden Watch, they found that Branda and Igneous had rushed off after getting word that Flinn was being held captive in the woods to the North. Dern regained some measure of consciousness while they were there and informed the party that Flinn had been the “new owner” of Mother’s Care Home and had been keeping him there against his will, and also that Flinn had plans to kill the remaining members of the party.
Preparing to rush off to the Watch’s aid once more, the party was greeted outside the Inn by the mayor. Having heard of your deeds in Hope’s Hollow, he thanked them with gifts of horses and offers of rewards for several other quests needing completed in the area.



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