The Fall of an Empire

Session 2: In whence the twins are saved

After aiding a band of dwarven guards to get their charges safely to their ship, the party was able to secure a lift in to Alkenstar. As was hoped, upon entering the anti-magic zone in smoke side, the bond between the twins and their soul-sucking daggers was broken and they were resuscitated.
Several days were spent in Alkenstar buying provisions and doing research. Leads were gained indicating that Kalukios was a powerful wizard most recently in the employ of Geb who had purchased passage for himself and a band of men from Andoros through to Alkenstar with a load of 7 large and one medium sized crates that were all marked with the emblem of Geb.
With this knowledge, it was decided that going directly up against Geb was not a wise decision, so the party headed north in hopes of making contact with the Pathfinders to at least get word to them that their original mission had been interrupted and perhaps get guidance towards their next move.
On the ride towards Katapesh, the nearest Pathfinder lodge, the party was approached by a band of semi-retired adventurers known as the “Golden Watch”. Two members of the Watch (Dern and Taergan) are missing from their annual gathering and they wanted to hire a younger, more spry band of adventurers to look in on them.
Upon locating the very run down nursing home that one of the watch members was staying at, our band of adventurers has been accosted by ghosts, dark ones and a swarm of cockroaches before finally locating Dern, drugged and barely conscious.



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