The Fall of an Empire

Another letter from Kilik

Day two of the Adventure

Dear Father,

I hope that you and mother are still well and tell mother that I will settle down when Torag has told me it’s time to do so. I am still doing his work and now we have a greater goal to work towards.

We have made it to Alkenstar with only minor delay. On the way down the mountain the group encountered a small band of goblins, but they had two of the biggest goblins that I have ever seen with them. They must have been almost the size of a dwarf, maybe even bigger. The goblin hoard was attacking a group of dwarves protecting some civilians. Bres being handy with that fire wand again dispatched most of the normal ones leaving behind the big ones. We charged the evil goblins and between us all we killed the goblins and boarded the ship that the dwarves had.

They were heading to Alkenstar anyways and told us that it wouldn’t be a problem to take us. I haven’t seen a place so full of smoke since the forge caught fire a couple of years ago. When we entered the city Bres and Zarzuka looked like the something was bothering them. They told me that the city had an anti-magic field around it and they didn’t like the empty feeling that it left in them. I believe that while Bres was lost to his magic some other type of spell was cast on him that made him sleep. We stayed there for a few hours and the twins started to wake up. We got them properly dressed and suited up and armed.

We talked for a bit about what we needed to do about our current mission and about this mysterious master that wants us out of the way. We did some research about what we saw in that hideout we were in. We have decided that we would head over to Katapesh to talk to the Pathfinder society and get report back to home base about what we should do.

We boarded another ship heading in that direction and we stopped off at a little town to resupply and get some normal sleep. While we were there we got introduced to two old time adventures named Branda and Verus they told us about some adventures they were on. They asked us to see if we could check on one of their friends that was committed to an old timer’s home. We talked to the captain of the ship and he told us that he would hold our passage for one week and we could board a different ship heading up.

We headed out this morning and it was about an hour walk to this place and it was completely run down. The entire village
looked like it got pillaged years ago but never go burned down. We saw a specter there that attacked our party but was quickly turned in to mist thanks to Conan’s mighty attacks. Just before we entered the main building we saw a lady there that wanted some answers from the management of the place.

The twins decided to go around the back of the building just in case something happened to those of us that entered the front. We entered the front and saw the twins bust through the back doors covered in cockroaches. At that time the management of the place came out of the office slightly confused about what was going on. They happened to be demons that were covered in illusions. We quickly killed them and found the guy that we were looking for in one of the rooms. He was drugged and could barely walk out of there. We made sure that no one else was in the building and sent the place alight to cleanse it. I will have to remember to come back and cleanse the land and free any lost spirits. We will be staying here for a few days and help Dern regain his strength.

May Torag’s anvil always sing.

-Paladin First Rank Kilik Darkstone



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