Character Creation


Setting: This will be set in the default Pathfinder setting. The party will decide what part of Golarion they hail from.

Level: By majority vote, we will be beginning at level 1. At request, I do intend to level you fairly quickly.

Stats: To combat stat inflation, which several of us have noticed, we’ll be using a 25 point buy. This is still fairly powerful, but it’ll be a step down in power from what we’ve gotten used to. Make sure you are using the Pathfinder point values and not the D&D ones because they are different. Here is a nice calculator to help.

Race/Class: All core races and classes are allowed. If you want something different, I will review it on a case by case basis. I want a really good character concept first.

Alignment: I’m looking for a generally good aligned party. No evil characters, please.

Starting Gear: This will be handled in game.

Traits: We will begin with the standard 2 traits. Campaign traits are listed below, but are not required.

Party: The party will know each other. You will be a coherent band. It’s up to y’all whether you want to be a group of childhood friends, professional adventurers, government agents, a military band, a mercenary band, a band of privateers or a pop band. Doesn’t matter to me as long as you’re all together. To paraphrase what someone said last Friday: you don’t have to like each other, you just have be able to work together coherently.

Other: While I’m open minded about using secondary sources and am willing to approve them on a case by case basis, I would like to encourage use of the often overlooked core options.

Campaign Traits

Unintimidated: Your entire life has been spent surrounded by those who are either rich and influential or deadly and powerful. You have become accustomed to being around those you know could destroy you. You gain a +1 trait bonus on attempts to resist fear effects and intimidation attempts.

Destined: Destiny has plans for you, whether you know it (or like it) or not, and intends to keep you alive long enough to fulfill that plan. You gain a +1 trait bonus on saves against death effects and on checks to stabilize when dying.

Haunted: You or your family is haunted. You’ve been exposed to ghosts and phantoms for much of your life. Thanks to that exposure, you’ve learned better how to effect them. When attacking an incorporeal creature, your damage and chance to hit with effects is 75% rather than the normal 50%.

Character Creation

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