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  • Branda Tulles

    The public face of the Golden Watch, Branda has always had a way with words and a penchant for snagging precious treasures - but only if they belong to Evil people. After she stopped adventuring, she invested her gold well and has been free to do what …

  • Verus "Igneous" Crandel

    Brawny and strong-willed, Verus is reliable as a rock. He owns a small ranch in southern Andoran that he bought with treasure he gained adventuring. Igneous is married to Branda Tulles and the two split their time between the rand and Absalom.

  • Dern Fosimuth

    Once known as a trustworthy and pious ally, the party's cleric is now a shadow of his former self. After a serious accident left him unable to walk, he was admitted to Mother's Care Home for the Invalid, where the party found him in a beaten down room, …

  • Rhoma Bissel

    The human wizard Rhoma, the oldest member of the Golden Watch, was the first of the group to die. She had settled into a comfortable life and died peacefully, surrounded by her family, inside the extensive library that was her most cherished place.

  • Taergan Flinn

    The only non-human of the Golden Watch, Flinn resisted giving up the adventuring life as long as he could. The annual gatherings to re-live the "good old times" were his idea. Flinn is a master alchemist and has not given up that passion despite finally …

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