Quest Log

Current Quests

  • Pathfinder Mission
    • Investigate Rumors of a hidden tomb in the Aspodell Mountains
  • Survive being kidnapped by an unknown “master”
    • Investigate the Master
  • Make contact with the Pathfinders
    • Reach Katapesh City

Side Quests

  • empty

Completed Quests

  • save the twins from having their sounds stolen
    • reach Alkenstar
    • get in to anti-magic zone
  • Help the “Gold Watch” locate their missing friends
    • Save Branda and Igneous from Flinn
  • Check in on Dern Fosimuth in Mother’s Care Home
    • Investigate poor care at Mother’s Care Home
      • Demons?!?!?!
    • Get Dern out and back to his friends
  • Check in on Taergan Flinn at his home
  • The Lost Rangers
    • Rescue rangers lost in the northern forests
  • Fiendish Trophies
    • Destroy the fiend wearing a quicksand cloak. Kill other fiends for further rewards

Adventure Log

The Fall of an Empire

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